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Various Artists
"Phobia / Abaddon Incarnate Split" 7"

Various Artists Phobia / Abaddon Incarnate Split 7

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Various Artists
"Phobia / Abaddon Incarnate Split"


Limited 500 Copies

US Grind Legends PHOBIA have recorded 4 new tracks for their side of this piece of wax and ABADDON INCARNATE have blasted out 3 new ones for their side.

The artwork layout was handled by the now legendary Irish artist Sean Fitzgerald.

Limited to a pressing of 500 with the following break-down:

  • blue wax - only available from Phobia and Abaddon Incarnate
  • red wax - only available from Into The Void Records, Dublin
  • white wax - only available from us, right here...



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CD Reviews

  • Apoch's Metal Reviews

    Nine minutes of solid Grind from two of the style's best.

    Underground Movement has brought two of the most prominant acts in the Grindcore scene together for one split release. Abaddon Incarnate, a more underground band that brings in some Black and Death Metal concepts to the style team up with the more well known Grindcore act Phobia for a little more then nine minutes of brutal grinding. But, do these four tracks really hammer away at the listener to make it a worthy purchase for anyone outside the die hard fans of the bands or style?

    The first three tracks contributed to this split belong to Abaddon Incarnate, and it's easily some of the most ruthless and brutal Grindcore one can find on a split release. The band's main focus seems to be the inclusion of Death Metal over that established Grindcore foundation, but there's a bit of a Black Metal presence in the background rhaspier vocals. "Vermin Apocalypse" is one of the stronger tracks, having that two-step drum presence that works with some of the slightly groove pushed blistering Death Metal presence. This song, as well as the other two have their own unique sound and don't really come off as another carbon copy of some of the pioneers of the style, though it's clear they sometimes have an influence from. While "Cthonic Sacrifice" and "Vermin Apocalypse" are both intense and just hammer away at the listener, though the latter has that slight groove to it with some heavier Death Metal chords, the track "Crucible" actually brings in some more technical music that the other two don't quite have, though it often fades to pounding blast beats and Death Metal passages similar to "Vermin Apocalypse". This isn't a bad thing at all, though the technical approach really helped to make the music sound a little more unique from the other tracks.

    The last element of this split is actually more then one track, but it's all lumped together as one song by Phobia [which remains untitled as it was not included in the promo, and I have no received a responser about it from the PR company, nor can I find it on-line anywhere]. First of all, the audio is dramatically different from the Abaddon Incarnate songs, having a lower volume in comparison, as well as not quite as rich. The guitars are a little lost in the background thanks to the drums, but everything else sounds pretty good. This doesn't hurt the overall quality of the recording though, as these songs still pack a decent amount of aggression to them. With four tracks all clumped together in a three and a half minute time span, it's obvious much of the material is just blistering Grindcore with plenty of blast beats, but enough variation in the music to make all four tracks stand out, but remain punishing and aggressiver.

    While there are some really obvious differences between the two styles, such as the dramatically different recording qualities between rich and brutal tracks from Abaddon Incarnate, and more raw and generally chaotic songs from Phobia. But, the final product for a split release of a little more then nine minutes long is just right. These two bands pull together strong performances that really highlight what each band can bring to the table, and newcomers to these bands will find the music engaging from start to finish, and leave the listener wanting to experience more or go out and discover some of the group's other releases thanks to this little teasing taste from Underground Movement.


  • The Inarguable
    Dirty? Raw? Grind? Yeah, I'm listening. Here we have a split album from two grind heavyweights; Abaddon Incarnate and Phobia. Not a fan of grind? This split probably will not change your mind, but for those in the know, this split utterly slays from beginning to end. Let us begin...

    Abaddon Incarnate: 3 tracks of lo-fi, blast-filled, filthy and downright nasty grind from the old-school. Buzzsawing bass and guitars abound, harshly growled/screamed vocals, non-stop intense drumming...C'mon, this is grind after all. Like I needed to type any of that. Short songs from beginning to end. Tons of intensity and disregard for beauty, cleanliness and all other things un-brutal.

    Phobia: absolutely legendary grind. Never heard of them? You have officially failed as an underground music aficionado. Go home and listen to Alcest. Raging, crusty grind that is as angry as Evander Holyfield after getting his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson (you better remember that) and not afraid to spit it in your face. Blasts? Rage? Dual vocal attack? They are all here. Get off your fanny and punch your buddy in the face. He will understand.

    Totally mandatory for grind fanatics. For everyone else? Well...there is always something less, um, grind, to listen to. Go champion that for a bit.


CD Artwork

Various Artists - Phobia / Abaddon Incarnate Split


  1. Devastation  -  Phobia
  2. Riot Nation  -  Phobia
  3. Human Observation  -  Phobia
  4. Walk Alone  -  Phobia
  5. Chthonic Sacrifice  -  Abaddon Incarnate
  6. Vermin Apocalypse  -  Abaddon Incarnate
  7. Crucible  -  Abaddon Incarnate

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